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ROOT::Experimental::REveManager::ServerState Class Reference

Definition at line 76 of file REveManager.hxx.

Public Types

enum  EServerState { Waiting , UpdatingScenes , UpdatingClients }

Public Attributes

std::condition_variable fCV {}
std::mutex fMutex {}
EServerState fVal {Waiting}

#include <ROOT/REveManager.hxx>

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ EServerState


Definition at line 79 of file REveManager.hxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fCV

std::condition_variable ROOT::Experimental::REveManager::ServerState::fCV {}

Definition at line 82 of file REveManager.hxx.

◆ fMutex

std::mutex ROOT::Experimental::REveManager::ServerState::fMutex {}

Definition at line 81 of file REveManager.hxx.

◆ fVal

EServerState ROOT::Experimental::REveManager::ServerState::fVal {Waiting}

Definition at line 84 of file REveManager.hxx.

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